When Does The New Matrix Movie Come Out?

On December 17, The Matrix Resurrections makes its theatrical and IMAX debuts.

Similarly, Will there be Matrix 5 movie?

Even however, Lana Wachowski and main actor Keanu Reeves had already said in interviews conducted before to the film’s premiere that there were no present intentions to continue the series with a Matrix 5.

Also, it is asked, Why is Morpheus not in Matrix 4?

Why is Morpheus missing from The Matrix 4? In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in August of last year, Fishburne had said that he was not a part of the new Matrix. Then, he had said that he did not possess the “answer” to it since he thought that only Lana Wachowski, the film’s director, was qualified to do it.

Secondly, Will there be a Matrix 6?

Producer James McTeigue recently said in an interview with Collider that the “Matrix” crew (which includes filmmaker Lana working alone this time without her sister Lilly) does not currently have any intentions to create more films.

Also, Will there be more Matrix movies after resurrection?

Producer of “Matrix” Says No More Films Will Be Made: The song “It’s Just the Movie You’ve Seen” The most recent entry in the science fiction series is The Matrix Resurrections. Audiences and reviewers disagreed on the film.

People also ask, What is Matrix 4 going to be about?

The Matrix 4 narrative will introduce us to a scene in a setting that is unquestionably different from where we last left it. The few surviving humans do not live in continuous terror of the robots, thus first off, Zion is no longer. In rare instances, some machines even collaborate with people.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Trinity the one?

Trinity and Neo both belong to “the One.” It’s crucial to keep in mind that the whole notion of the One was a systemic aberration that was required to maintain the Matrix’s overall functionality.

What happened to Neo at the end of Matrix 3?

Neo was killed by Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) in the last scene of The Matrix Revolutions, and his corpse was taken away by the machines that had given him access to the Matrix. Trinity lost her life in a hovercraft collision earlier in the movie.

How can I watch the new Matrix movie?

The fourth installment of the “Matrix” series, “The Matrix Resurrections,” is now streaming on HBO Max.

What is the budget for Matrix 4?

190,000,000 USD Budget / The Matrix Resurrections

Is Jada Pinkett in the new Matrix?

Jada Pinkett Smith returned in The Matrix Resurrections as Niobe, a character whose aging look required the actress to spend a lot of time in the makeup chair.

How did Neo get his eyes back?

Since his eyes are still impaired from his struggle in The Matrix Revolutions, this body must be the same one that was mysteriously restored by the robots.

Why did Matrix resurrections fail?

Due to its hybrid distribution and the audiences’ disinterest, The Matrix Resurrections failed to draw in any significant numbers of viewers. Legacy sequels are costing the industry money at the box office, and as The Matrix Resurrections has shown, self-aware meta-irony cannot rescue them.

How many Matrix movies will there be?

U.S. release date for movies Author: The Matrix Ma. Los Wachowskis The sequel to The Matrix Revolutions in The MatrixNovem Decem: The Matrix Resurrects. David Mitchell, Aleksandar Hemon, and Lana Wachowski

Is Matrix Resurrection a sequel or reboot?

The Matrix Resurrections is a video game remake, not a sequel.

Did Matrix 4 make money?

Warner Bros. “The Matrix Resurrections” has made $106 million in total revenue throughout the globe as of this writing, including $3.8 million domestically from its most recent weekend. It has made a total of $75.1 million overseas and $30.9 million in North America.

How old is Neo in the first Matrix?

His birthdate is noted as Ma. on the paperwork. In the film, the year is 1999 within the Matrix, but it is 2199 outside, making Neo around 37 years old.

Why were Neo and Trinity kept alive?

As a result, Neo and Trinity were kept alive by the machines on the Analyst’s instructions because he intended to leverage their link to further his own interpretation of the present Matrix.

How are Neo and Trinity alive?

He convinced his machine employers to let him steal Neo and Trinity’s bodies after sensing the strength of their bond. The Analyst then used them as a source code to construct a new version of the Matrix, resurrecting them using resurrection pods made by Sati’s parents and plugging Neo and Trinity back into it.

Is Neo the chosen one?

There were various signs in both the first and second movies that Neo wasn’t the first One, the Chosen One who would rescue mankind from extinction in the fight with the Machines, which was one of the major revelations in The Matrix: Reloaded.

Can Neo still fly?

Neo’s age has become apparent along with his Matrix-warping skills, despite the fact that he is still obviously brilliant. He can no longer fly, or if he can, he hasn’t yet succeeded.

Is Neo a program?

Since his inception, Neo has carried the Prime Program, which is the Matrix’s source code. This grants him the freedom to freely alter the Matrix’s virtual world, much as a system administrator has control over a particular system. He uses these skills to acquire different superhuman abilities.

Is Neo stronger than Trinity?

Neo himself may not truly be more powerful than he was when he was acting as the single One, or even as strong as before, if their abilities are intertwined. Trinity and Neo both seem to have the same abilities towards the conclusion of The Matrix Resurrections, making them both The One in the virtual world.

Can Neo fly in Matrix 4?

Trinity, not Neo, is shown to have the power to fly in The Matrix Resurrections, a revelation that was expertly built up by allusions to the first film. In The Matrix Resurrections, Trinity, not Neo, has the ability to fly, a revelation that the film expertly builds up throughout.

What happened to Zion after the Matrix?

However, the ramifications are very obvious: Zion was obliterated, and Morpheus perished because he pretended their battles were done. As if Neo’s negotiations with the machines and victory against Smith were the answers to all of their issues.

Who was Neo talking to at the end of the Matrix?

Neo calls the machines from a phone booth at the conclusion of The Matrix. Two movies later, the phone booth from the last scene of the first Matrix may be seen in the backdrop when Neo and Agent Smith are seen falling from the sky and colliding with the earth at the same junction.

Is the new Matrix movie on Netflix?

Unfortunately, “Netflix US does not have The Matrix.” The Matrix, a mind-blowing science fiction film that debuted in 1999, has amazing battle sequences as well as, of course, breathtaking cinematography.

Where can I see Matrix Resurrection?


Is The Matrix on Netflix?

No Matrix films are currently streaming on Netflix, and there are no confirmed intentions to alter this anytime soon. This is not a Matrix issue, and even if viewers took the red pill, the lack of availability of certain films on the streaming service would persist.

How much was Keanu Reeves paid for The Matrix?

Keanu received an advance payment of $10 million for the 1999 science fiction film, and an additional $35 million after it became a box office smash. According to the story, the actor from The Matrix Resurrections gave $31.5 million, or 70% of the proceeds, to leukemia research.

Is Matrix 4 a flop?

Any way you look at it, Warner Bros.’ Matrix 4 is a commercial disaster.


The “will there be a matrix 5” is the question that many Matrix fans are asking. The movie is set to come out in 2020, so it will be a while before we get our answer.

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