Where Was The Movie Eli Filmed?

If you’re a fan of the movie Eli, you might be wondering where it was filmed. Here’s a look at the locations where the movie was shot.

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The movie “Eli” was filmed in a number of locations, including New Mexico, California, and Colorado.

The movie Eli

The 2013 supernatural horror film Eli was directed by Ciarán Foy and written by David Chirchirillo, Ian Goldberg, and Richard Naing. The film stars Charlie Shotwell as the titular character, who suffers from a rare disease that causes him to see things that are not actually there and makes him extremely sensitive to light. When Eli’s mother dies, his father takes him to live in a remote farmhouse with his two cousins. While at the farmhouse, Eli begins to see terrifying things that may or may not be real. The movie was filmed in various locations in Ireland and New Zealand.

The filming locations

The movie Eli was filmed in various locations, including Los Angeles and New York City.

Why the locations were chosen

The film’s director Ciarán Foy has spoken about why they chose the locations they did, saying “Eli was always going to be set in America. It just felt like the right place to tell this story. The idea was that it would be set in a small town, somewhere that’s kind of off the beaten track, and we looked at a lot of different places. But when we found Mount overnight, it just seemed perfect.”

The benefits of filming in those locations

There are many benefits to filming in different locations. For example, filming in a location with a lot of natural light can help provide better lighting for the film. Additionally, filming in locations with different weather conditions can provide variety in the film.

The challenges of filming in those locations

While some of the movie was filmed in North Carolina, most of it was filmed in southern Ohio. The production faced many challenges in filming in those locations. The first was finding a house that would fit the needs of the script and be in the right location. The second was dealing with the weather. The third was dealing with the insects.

The impact of the film on the locations

The movie Eli was filmed in many different locations. The impact of the film on the locations was very positive. The movie brought many tourists to the locations and helped to improve the economy.

The reaction of the locals to the film

The town’s people were very excited to have a Hollywood production in their small town. They were very welcoming and accommodating to the cast and crew. The locals even held a big barbecue for the cast and crew on the last day of filming.

The legacy of the film

Eli is a film that came out in the fall of 2019. It was directed by Ciaran Foy and written by David Chirchirillo. The movie Follows a family that moves into a new house, only to be terrorized by an evil force. The family must band together to fight for their lives.

The movie was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, and it was shot on location in various parts of the city. The film’s crew did an amazing job of making the city look like it was haunted.

The film was well-received by critics and audiences alike. It grossed over $100 million at the box office, and it has since become a cult classic.


In conclusion, the movie “Eli” was filmed in several different locations. These locations include California, New Mexico, and Arizona.

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