Which Movie Should I Watch?

Similarly, Which film we should watch?

40 films you must see before you pass away Good Will Hunting (1997) R | 126 min | Drama, Romance; The Shawshank Redemption (1994) R | 142 min | Drama. Torey Gump (1994) Puppet Fiction (1994) A Beautiful America (1999) The Typical Candidates (1995) A Spotless Mind by Eternal Sunshine (2004) Green Mile (1999)

Also, it is asked, What are the top 10 movies right now?

The 30 Most Popular Films at the Moment First place: Elvis (2022) 78 % #2 The Black Phone (2021) 84% #2, #3, and Lightyear (2022) 75% Third-placed Jurassic World Dominion (2022) at 31% Top Gun: Maverick (2022) scored 96 percent. #5. #6. Spiderhead (2022) (42%); #6. #7. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022); #7. #8. Hustle (2022); and #7. #8. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness #8.

Secondly, What is the top 10 best movie?

The Top 30 Films of All Time (According To IMDb) The Godfather (1972) and The Shawshank Redemption (1994) both scored 9.2, while The Dark Knight (2008) scored 9.0. The Godfather: Second Part (1974) – 9.0. 5 1957’s 12 Angry Men, 8.9 The List of the Dead (1993) – 8.9. 7 The Return of the King from The Lord of the Rings (2003) – 8.9.

Also, What is the #1 movie of all time?


People also ask, What is the #1 movie on Netflix?

Red Alert

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What is the #1 movie right now 2021?

No Way Home, Spider-Man

Which is the No 1 IMDb rating movie?

Movie The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Who is the best actor in the world?

The top 25 actors of all time Italian Maria Volonte Robert Hoffman. Pacino, Al. Mr. Tom Hanks Oldman, Gary Paul Thomas Hoffman. DiCaprio, Leonardo. Jonathan Phoenix

Has any film got 10 on IMDb?

The Shawshank Redemption, to start (1994).

What is the most liked movie ever?

The movies that have had the most viewers overall, according IMDB. Titanic, a 2012 DVD;”> The extraterrestrial E. T. the Oz wizard. DVD – 2009. /> Sky Wars. A fresh hope DVD – 2020. Prince of the Rings. The King’s Returned. DVD – 2004. Terminator 2, Day of Reckoning. DVD – 2017. King of the Lion. DVD – 2011. /> A godfather. DVD – 2008. />

What is the most watched movie of all time 2022?

Maverick, from Top Gun

What is the biggest movie flop of all time?

The 10 Worst Box Office Flop Movies Ever The 13th Soldier (1999) 47 Ronin (2013) Cutting Island (1995) Moms Needed on Mars (2011) Lone Ranger (2013) A. Carter (2012) Sahara (2005) Ascension’s Gate (1980)

What movie has a 100 on Rotten Tomatoes?

With a score of 100 and 249 favorable reviews, Leave No Trace now maintains the site record.

What’s hot on Netflix now?

Most well-liked on Netflix: A Look at the Top 10 of Today The Umbrella School Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater are the authors. Unusual Things. Year: 2022. Mountain named Snowflake. Year: 2022. William Shatner’s The Unexplained. Year: 2022. Legacies. Julie Plec is the author. The Torontonian Man Year: 2022. The Torontonian Man Year: 2022. Sing 2.

Is Netflix top 10 real?

The information from Netflix will be available on its own website, where it will provide a variety of top 10 lists that order movies according to how many hours the company’s users have watched them. The business will feature top 10 lists for 90 different nations in addition to worldwide rankings for TV series and films.

Which country has the best movie?

What nation has the finest movies? – Read more to learn more America, the United States of (USA) Not much more can be said about this. France. France is regarded as the birthplace of cinema, and for good reason. Italy. Here are some fascinating details about the Italian movie business. British Empire. Sweden

What movie made the most money this year?

Following its re-release in China, Avatar ($2.83 billion) overtook Avengers: Endgame ($2.79 billion) as the most successful movie ever in terms of global box office receipts over the weekend.

List Of the Top 100 Films in India in 2021 Pushpa: The Ascension (Part 1) 31380. 595. 31975. No Way Home (Spider-Man), 26100, 149, 26249 Master. 17875. 477. 18352. Sooryavanshi. 23080. 578. 23658. 12900. 346. 13246. Annaatthe, 12430. 423. 12853. Vakeel Saab, 12730. 472. 10509; Akhanda, 10330. 179.

Which is highest earning movie in India?

The End of Baahubali 2 (2017)

Who is God of acting?

The deity of acting is referred to as Mohanlal. His innate acting ability is excellent. As a result of this, he got numerous accolades and honors.

Who is the most loved actor?

Popularity is the proportion of individuals who think highly of a certain actor or actress. Discover more One Betty White 87% 86 percent Morgan Freeman 2 Robin Williams 3 83 % Denzel Washington, four, 78% 5% James Earl Jones 77% Six Sandra Bullock 77% 7% Tom Hanks 76 % 8% Keanu Reeves 76 %

Who was the 1st actor?


What is the cheapest film ever made?

Shane Carruth, a former mathematician and engineer who also acted in the 2004 American science fiction film Primer, wrote, directed, and produced it on a $7000 budget.

Is IMDb an Indian?

Early in the 1980s, the engineer of British ancestry had the idea for IMDb. The website, which had been launched in the 1990s, developed into a user-managed database of movies (and eventually, television shows), and Amazon bought it in 1998.

Which movie has 9.5 rating?

1. the period from 2008 to 2013.

Who watched the most movies?

Up to 14 movies were seen by Gwilym Hughes, of Dolgellau in Gwynedd, each week, and he kept track of them all. Due to his attendance at more than 28,000 films, he held the Guinness World Record from 2008 until the present.

What is the #1 movie 2020?

Forever Bad Boys

Which is the most viewed movie on youtube?

Although “Baby Shark Dance” may now hold the record for most views, Psy’s “Gangnam Stylevideo held the top place for the longest period of time (1.689 days or 4.6 years) before losing it to its successor.

Who Is Best Actor in India?

Amitabh Bachchan leads the list of actors who have received the most awards as of 2020 with four. Kamal Haasan and Mammootty are second and third, respectively, with three awards, while seven actors—Mohanlal, Sanjeev Kumar, Om Puri, Naseeruddin Shah, Mithun Chakraborty, Ajay Devgn, and Dhanush—have received the honor twice.

Can KGF 2 beat bahubali?

KGF 2 has managed to surpass the 247 cr Baahubali 2 – The Conclusion directed by SS Rajamouli to become the Hindi dubbed film with the biggest opening weekend revenue.

Who has most blockbuster Bollywood?

Kumar, Akshay

What is a movie that everyone likes?

Movies like Friday, Clueless, and Shawshank Redemption transcend generational and racial barriers and are as as beloved now as they were when they first came out, if not more so.

What is the most replayed movie?

THE 20 MOVIES WITH THE HIGHEST REWATCH RATINGS 12 times through Dirty Dancing. 12 instances of Die Hard. 12 times, The Wizard of Oz. 11 instances for Star Wars: A New Hope. 11 times in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. eleven times, Mary Poppins eleven times in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 10 times through The Sound of Music.


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