Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a Must-See Movie

Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a must-see movie. It is a story about a man who is the last human on Earth and his battle against the elements and a disease that has turned everyone else into zombies.

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Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a Must-See Movie

Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a must-see movie. The plot is really interesting and the acting is great.

The Plot of “I Am Legend”

Will Smith stars as Robert Neville in “I Am Legend,” a post-apocalyptic thriller set in New York City. Neville is the last human survivor in the city, which has been overrun by a virus that turns people into bloodthirsty creatures that come out only at night. In order to survive, Neville must find a way to destroy the creatures before they find and kill him.

The Cast of “I Am Legend”

Will Smith stars as Robert Neville, the last human survivor in a world overrun by vampires. He is joined by a cast of talented actors, including Alice Braga as Anna, the only other human survivor he meets; Charlie Tahan as Ethan, Neville’s infected but still living daughter; andDash Mihok as Alpha Male, the leader of the vampires.

“I Am Legend” is a must-see movie for fans of Will Smith, post-apocalyptic tales, and heart-stopping action.

The Locations in “I Am Legend”

In “I Am Legend”, Will Smith stars as Dr. Robert Neville, the sole human survivor in New York City following a worldwide pandemic of a virus that turns people into vampires. The movie was filmed entirely on location in New York City, with some scenes shot on soundstages built specifically for the production.

The opening scene of the film is set in Times Square, which has been completely abandoned following the outbreak. The production team took over a section of the city and built a bridge and a replica of the Statue of Liberty’s torch to create the illusion that Neville is the only living person in New York.

The set for Neville’s home was built on an empty lot in Lower Manhattan, close to where the World Trade Center once stood. The production team also built a replica of Washington Square Park, where Neville often goes to hunt for supplies.

“I Am Legend” is a must-see movie for fans of Will Smith, post-apocalyptic films, or New York City.

The Visual Effects in “I Am Legend”

The visual effects in “I Am Legend” are some of the best I’ve ever seen. The way the film was shot and edited makes it seem like Will Smith is the only person left on Earth. The special effects team did an amazing job creating the illusion of a deserted New York City.

The Music in “I Am Legend”

While the music in “I Am Legend” may not be as widely known as the acting or plot, it is an important part of the film. The music helps set the mood for the movie and allows the audience to feel the emotions of the characters.

The composer for “I Am Legend”, James Newton Howard, did an excellent job of creating a score that helped to enhance the scenes in the movie. The music is haunting and beautiful, and it perfectly compliments the story.

If you have not seen “I Am Legend”, I highly recommend it. It is a great film with a terrific score.

The Makeup in “I Am Legend”

In “I Am Legend,” Will Smith stars as virologist Robert Neville, the last living human in New York City after a man-made virus wipes out the entire population. Neville is immune to the virus, but all other humans have transformed into nocturnal, bloodthirsty creatures that hunt him by day. To create the look of these “Darkseekers,” makeup artists Greg Nicotero and his team used a combination of prosthetic appliances, contact lenses, and airbrushing to give them their otherworldly appearance. Here’s a closer look at the stunning (and sometimes scary) results.

The Costumes in “I Am Legend”

Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a must-see movie for any fan of the post-apocalyptic genre. The film’s costumes are some of the best you’ll ever see in a movie, and they really help to bring the film’s world to life.

The costume designers did an amazing job of creating a believable and eerie world in which the last remaining humans are fighting for their lives against a virus that has turned them into vampires. Every detail of the costumes is perfect, from the tattered clothing that the humans wear to the blood-stained clothes of the vampires.

The costumes in “I Am Legend” are so well done that they really add to the film’s immersion factor. If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic movies, then you owe it to yourself to check out “I Am Legend.”

The Action in “I Am Legend”

Will Smith’s “I Am Legend” is a must-see movie for action fans. The film follows Smith’s character, who is the last man on Earth, as he tries to find a cure for a deadly virus that has transformed the majority of the world’s population into bloodthirsty zombies.

“I Am Legend” is an intense and thrilling ride from beginning to end, with some truly harrowing moments. However, it is also a film with a lot of heart, and Smith’s performance is absolutely mesmerizing. If you’re looking for a non-stop thrill ride of a movie, “I Am Legend” is definitely worth checking out.

10)The Message of “I Am Legend”

While “I Am Legend” may be a fictional account of the last days of humanity, it nonetheless carries with it a powerful message that is relevant to our world today. The film’s central theme is the importance of human connection, and the ways in which we can lose sight of what is truly important in our lives.

Will Smith’s character, Robert Neville, is the last surviving human on Earth after a devastating pandemic has wiped out the rest of humanity. He spends his days searching for a cure for the virus, and his nights fighting off hordes of infected people who have become mutated, bloodthirsty creatures known as Darkseekers.

Throughout the film, Neville slowly loses his grip on sanity, as he is reminded again and again of the loved ones he has lost. However, it is only when he meets a survivor named Anna that he begins to see hope for the future. together, they realize that even in the darkest of times, there is still reason to hope.

The film’s ending is both hopeful and heartbreaking, as Neville sacrifices himself so that Anna can escape and find others like her. As he dies in her arms, he tells her that she is not alone and that there are others out there like her. This final act of selflessness reminds us that even in the midst of tragedy, we must never give up hope.

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