Will Smith’s New Movie is About a Dog

Will Smith’s new movie is about a dog who is left behind when his family goes on vacation. The dog, named Buddy, must find his way home.

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Will Smith’s new movie

Will Smith’s latest film, Bright, is a police procedural set in an alternate present day in which humans and mythical creatures coexist. The title refers to the name of the main character, a human police officer who is partnered with an Orc.

The film has been praised for its original concept, but has been criticized for its execution. Some have called it a “mess” and “bland”, while others have praised it for its world-building and visual effects.

Regardless of the mixed reviews, Bright is sure to be a hit with dog-lovers, as it features a prominently-featured dog character.

What the movie is about

Will Smith’s new movie, “A Dog’s Purpose,” is about a dog who is reincarnated several times and discovers his true purpose in life.

Why Will Smith decided to make this movie

Will Smith has decided to make a new movie, and it’s about a dog. In an interview, he explained why he wanted to make this movie.

What the movie’s budget was

Will Smith’s upcoming movie, A Dog’s Purpose, had a budget of $22 million.

How the movie was filmed

The majority of the film was shot in Los Angeles, California, with additional footage shot in Colorado and New York. Smith attended weekly rehearsals for three months with his dog, who played the title character. The dog had to be trained to perform a number of tricks for the film.

The movie’s release date

The release date for Will Smith’s new movie, “Bright,” has been announced. The film will be released on December 22, 2017.

The movie’s trailer

Will Smith is set to star in a new movie called “A Dog’s Purpose.” The film is based on the novel of the same name by W. Bruce Cameron, and follows the story of a dog who is reincarnated several times and tries to figure out his purpose in life.

The trailer for the movie was released today, and it looks like it will be a heartwarming story about love, loyalty, and friendship. Take a look:

The movie’s cast

The cast of the new Will Smith movie has been announced, and it includes some well-known names.

The film, which is currently untitled, will star Smith as a man who is transformed into a dog. It is not yet known what role each of the other cast members will play.

The cast includes:

-Will Smith
-Amber Stevens West
-Marcus Scribner
– Brooklyn Prince
-Jaden Smith

The movie’s reviews

Will Smith’s new movie, ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, is receiving mixed reviews. Some people are calling it heartwarming and adorable, while others are saying it’s too sentimental and manipulative.

The movie’s box office results

Will Smith’s new movie, “Bright,” is a science fiction film set in an alternate present in which humans live side-by-side with fantasy creatures like elves and orcs. The movie was released on December 22, 2017 and grossed $27 million over the four-day weekend.

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